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  Frykens Pärla, Strandvägen, Lysvik             (Map)
Well-established and well- reputed restaurant, and camping-site beautifully situated  with a great view over the lake Fryken. Every seat in the restaurant has a view over the lake and outside is a large terrace that extends around the entire building. The restaurant is adapted for the disabled. Large parking with space for buses. Just next to the restaurantis a very popular public beach with a camping site for campers, caravans and also
 some cottages.

Asking price SEK   4 750 000 (≈ £  435 900) (≈  €  475 000)
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Värmlandsporten 1, Stöllet

A most charming hotel, Värmlandsporten, strategically located at the road junction E 45 / Rv62, towards the ski-resort of Sälen / Branäs and Trysil.
The hotel has 56 rooms, all with shower and WC, 4 conference rooms, night club and a tower room. The hotel also houses offices for rent. The hotel
 is close to the river Klarälven with it´s many attractions like rafting, canoeing and excellent fishing.

Asking price SEK 4 950 000 (≈ £  450 000) (≈  € 495 000)
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Vitsands stugby, Vitsand Torsby
Beautifully situated holiday home facility situated by the lake Kvällsjön, about 8km  north of Hovfjället alpine center. The facility houses 11 separate winter insulated
cottages, each with shower room and wc. One of the cottages, a log-house, was built in 2010 and is today a service building with reception, cafeteria, meeting rooms, offices,
laundry facilities and shower room and guest toilet. The whole house has underfloor heating and is heated by geothermal energy. In addition to the cottages is also a large
storage shed. The size of the cottages varies between 1-room apartment to 4-room apartment. Living space varies between 55kvm - 100kvm
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Munkerudsvägen 6, Munkfors
Hotel with 29 rooms. Most rooms have private shower and toilet. Kitchen.  Dining room. Reception. Outdoor seating. Balcony. Good parking facilities.
The hotel is located within Munkfors and today there is no existing hotel in the area, why this ought to a good opportunity to establish a good business
Asking price SEK 1 500 000 (≈ £ 136 400) (≈  € 150 000)
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Mjönäsvägen 2-4, Munkfors
Disabled-friendly restaurant with miniature golf course, strategically located along road 62 which runs from Karlstad to the south through Klarälvdalen in the north.
Built in 2012. On the grounds there is also a garage and a kiosk. Freehold ground  of 2507 sqm. Close to "Klarälvsbanan" a 90 km long paved bicycle-path that runs from
Karlstad to Hagfors
Asking price SEK  500 000 (≈ £  45 600) (≈  € 50 000)
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